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“Why shouldn't luxury sanitary ceramics be affordable?”
A team of top designers, engineers and supply chain experts came together to push back against the status quo, and instead, find a way to ensure every man can afford luxury sanitary ware. Hence, they created bthaüs, a 21st century sanitary ware ceramics company, based in Germany. 

the world
is our
supply chain

Rather than following the usual methods from design to execution, bthaüs has broken down all the barriers, blurred all the borders, and instead, looks at the world as one big opportunity to get the best luxury sanitary ware at the lowest price.

quality sanitary
ceramics is a right,
not a privilege

And it does that by aggregating the best designs, the best quality material, and, the best production factories from all around the world. Resulting, in products with impeccable quality precision and flawless minimalist design at an affordable price.
We believe every person and every business should have the ability to own luxury German sanitary ware without having to compromise on hygiene or their lifestyles.
We democratize luxury sanitary ware daily by expertly curating and executing high-end designs from all around the world at an affordable price.

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